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I understand what you are saying, I just think that if it is that bad that you have to walk around with your hand in your bag on your gun then maybe you might want to think about moving.

Don't get me wrong I grew up around guns and I would shot someone if I had too. I can see having the gun with you at all times. It is just the walking around with your hand on it. If you are aware of what is going on around you, you should have enough time to get the gun out of your bag before something happens.

I don't think your wrong for doing it I just think if I was that scared that I would move. I know that it is hard to move and it is hard to find a new job and it cost to move and the whole deal. i just think that when people want something they can usually find a way to get it. If the crime gets much worse here I'm going back to the town I came from.

I don't think you should run away, I just think everyone should put themselves in a place that is safer. It is kind of like the guys in the ghetto that walk around with guns and pulling them out all the time. They say they have to because everyone has guns there. Well if they all feel that way what is the point they could all feel that they donít need guns and no one would have them. Where I come from if you have a problem with someone you donít shoot them you beat them down and then move on.

I hope this makes sense because Iím starting to get of topic.

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