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Yes I am that scared. I keep it in my purse if I'm not at work. If I'm walking in a dark parking lot (like at the grocery store, my work w/no lighting or the mall) I have it on top of everything in my purse and keep my hand on it. I am more cautious when i have my 4 year olds with me. I must not have said clearly what I meant. I don't walk around waving it in the air or anything I don't always walk around with my hand on it. I use common sense. We all learned about those "skills" when we were 6. A gun doesn't keep you out of trouble. I should also mention I understand when and when not to shoot someone. purse snatcher=no, someone running at me , warn -then shoot if they keep coming.

Obviously I look around while I'm walking and pay attn to the surroundings. There has been 3 woman attacked in the last month in my county. I do live outside of town but it is still within 15 miles. An older lady was just beaten to death 2 days ago (by a 14 and 15 year old!), a woman and her 7 year old were got into her car and a man forced his way in (at a busy mall). She and her 7 year old were both shot in the head. there is a man that parks in my parking lot at work that sleeps in his truck. i've call cops to run him off but for some reason he keeps coming back and the cops don't do anything about it. Sometimes i work until 8 or 9 and it is pitch black w/ no lights. Any body outside can see i'm in here alone. I don't think it would be wise of me to walk out without some protection close by. There is actually an area under the stairs where someone could stand if they were hiding. Of course i should be home at that time and wouldn't have to worry about it...but i've got kids to feed so i need to work late sometimes. Also 4 invasions in the last 2 months in our county when the people were home!! 2 of them killed the intruders.

Sometimes skills won't keep you safe. I like to think I'm not scared of bad people, I know they are everywhere and I want to feel like I can protect myself and children if i have to.

I didn't mean to write a book but I don't want you thinking I'm a crazy person that has my gun in my hand all the time. What would you do it your skills didn't keep you safe? Or maybe better question what if they didn't keep your wife safe?

I also would like to say you are not dumb we just grew up different. I grew up around guns so it's not a big deal for me to carry one. some of my friends have never shot one and I don't think they should even consider carrying one. that may be more dangerous!
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