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Originally Posted by Josh
I thought it was pretty good but I didn't like it as much as the first one.
I can recognise Zimmer through Trademarks that he leaves in his work. One is his rythmn, He modulates the tune to reflect something European and turn it into something Asian this is part of the Gladiator Soundtrack where he uses a structured drumming rephrane. Its more emphasized in his Pearl Harbour sequence which uses almost an indentical rhythmn but turns it from European to Asian

I can hear him in his music Enough that when I heard this after Glaidator I knew he was the Composer, before I checked later to see if I was correct. On the Gladiator soundtrack he has the rythmn but its played by different styles of drum, the offbeats particularly, in the Pearl OST he has the same type of drum playing the full rythmn...but this difference doesnt fool me...should have seen me in the cinema hahahahaaha. Gladiator came out in 2000, and Pearl was about May 2001. Sarah and I went to see it several times LOL...I do that with films I like because you never capture it all in one sitting...Blade Trinity I watched four times when I heard the music at that point, I remember its first used well before the attack scene, when the Japanese are shown to be planning the attack, and I jumped out of my skin, I was like "its got to be Zimmer, its got to be Zimmer" she was like "shhuuuuuuuuuuush" hahahaha Ironically I went to see Hannibal with her aswell, that was a G-Floor outing, the entire lot of us pre-booked for opening night, and had to be shown to our front row seats because the film had already started by the time they had packed a full cinema...ive never watched a film with so many people in the same room...I couldnt concentrate!

Last I heard, Sarah had made it to New York (She got kicked out of University at the end of the first year LMAO) but she happened to work at the Guildhall for the same years I worked at Saint Paul's...then she went to America and her email stopped working and I've not heard of her since :(

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