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Originally Posted by County Mike
But won't that just compound the problem? If we start getting an ice age, the snow will reflect the sun's rays and make it even COLDER.

I hate the cold! I like summertime with warm beaches and small bikinis.
Yes...its going to get MUCH colder. See...the Heat from Global Warming melts the Ice caps...the Ice caps release COLD water into the Ocean. The cold Water puts out the Gulf Stream...the Northern Hemesphere begins to freeze

The Ice reflects the Heat.

As the tempriture drops, the pole caps RE-Freeze, the Ocean levels drop, the gulf stream starts again...the Northern Hemesphere defrosts...and guess what? Global warming starts all over again.

Its a Natural cycle...all WE do is speed it up...that might make the planets reaction more harsh and more know...if the gulf stream goes out SLOWLY there is not so many hurricanes...if it goes out Suddenly...Cold meets Hot to fast and they collide

But...the result...whilst devistating, certain wont distroy the planet. It might Flood London, most of Britian...but that wont Distroy the planet will it??

people assume that the distruction of civilization and the distruction of the planet are the same thing...and they are not. Save yourself....but the planet isnt really in any danger...its been here before.

btw..this process takes a long time to happen...You may not even be alive by the time the next Ice Age really starts
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