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Originally Posted by Hughes_GOAT
Prescott is trying to fabricate a row out of my interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, in which I warned Americans against adopting a socialist healthcare system along British lines.

...there is no health system in Europe or North America that leaves the indigent untended.

And first, since this deals with politicians and government it should be in the Politics section.

Off the top of my head I can recall two stories of people being left without care; one where a 2 week old infant died while driving from one hospital after being refused care from another because she didn't have a certain health care provider, and another when a farmer lost 2 fingers but could only afford to sew one of them back on.

Plus, my buddy was also refused care because of his insurance and had to drive 25 minutes to a different hospital with a 4" shard of glass in his wrist.

I am in Colombia right now for work and there are medicines here that cost me and my family $500 a month that I can get here for about 400 Colombian Pesos (about $0.15) because they don't have crooked insurance companies running their country.

More untended indigent:
My mom worked for an insurance company for about 2 years and her job was to investigate peoples medical history to find out if they had any medical conditions in their past and failed to reported them, this way the insurance company can use these as an excuse to not provide care. This includes failing to remember that you had pneumonia when you were 6 on those little forms you fill out on your first day of work.

If you have a kid, and it is 100% healthy, and doesn't need any emergency care, you could still walk out with a $1,000 bill. Have fun if it is premature or needs intensive care or you need a c-section etc.

The problem in America is these insurance companies literally running the country. They have a lot of crooked politicians in their pocket, so its not going to be easy to change.

But I don't think we should go 100% socialist, I think we should get rid of all socialist programs in America. Starting with the police, fire department, ambulance services and the post office.

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