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Originally Posted by NateR
I wouldn't consider the History Channel a reliable source for truth. Their primary goal is entertainment and profit.

However, I wouldn't worry so much about finding scientific explanations for the events in the Bible. Science is only capable of explaining natural phenomenon. The Bible deals mostly in the super-natural. Thus the Bible is outside the scope of science.

BTW, there's something wrong with the video, it's not playing for me.
I don't remember much of what was said because to be honest I dozed off for a good chunk of it. The one part I remember is them testing the placing of the nails in Jesus's hands and coming to the conclusion that if placed in the spot that Jesus's weight and gravity would have tore completely off.

To be honest I cant remember if it was History channel or Discovery, just remember the nail in the hand part. As fo rthe Histrory channel I find myself watching it more and more. Stuff like B.C battles and Warriors are just a few I tend to watch..
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