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Originally Posted by Jonlion
They have a good history right? One Superbowl's?

Why are they in the posistion thet are now?!

I'm a loyal man as well, i don't just support who is winnning! I'll stick to the Lions!
The lions have never won a superbowl, they are perenial losers...their best season in the super bowl era was in 1991 when they went 12-4, but got routed in the NFC championship game...Despite having one of the greatest RB's of all time, they could not cash that in, he retired early partially because being competitive he couldn't stand being on such a bad team....Their ownership is horrible, and they are the first to go 0-16 in the history of football...I'm not saying you have to bandwagon a winning team, but you could at least find one that has the possibility of winning
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