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Default Detroit Lions...

Reading JB's post, i agree this section doesn't get enough attention, i read plenty of the posts in here but obviously can't always weigh in with valid comments but i do enjoy reading about it and usually good debates. If we were to talk some European Sport, i'd get more involved!

However in the spirit of things, I support Millwall Football Club, their nickname is the Lions.

Henceforth of the many teams i always liked in NFL, the Lions have been one of them, amongst the Rams, loved Faulk, and the Patriots (had some success there!)

Now i know the Rams were useless this season but as far as i am aware the Lions are abysmal.

I know all teams have peaks and trough's, high's and lows but they seem to be in the doldrums for years now.

They can't win a game for toffee!

So what is wrong with them, no money being invested, poor management, poor draft picks, bad luck?!

i would like them to get some credibility back!
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