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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Well, I do use the water from the tap to dilute the Squash I drink. But on its own...I dont like the taste and obviously when I drink tea and coffee, the same water from the tap...but its boiled.

I actually often drink slimline Tonic Water...but bottled water is quite expense so obviously, I can spend much on it LOL
That reminds me....Coke Co. got busted last year when they found out that the water sold in Aquafina bottles was pretty much the same water that comes out of Grandma's backyard hose. People pay out the wazoo for water they seemingly think is "pure spring water"....really, it's just designer water. It's the same thing as tap in a pretty package.

Remember when Donald Trump tried to tap into the water economy with "Trump Ice"? That was on the Apprentice show I think in 2004
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