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Originally Posted by mikthehick
What about tap? I drink the tap here at my house and at work and it's great. It has flouride in it.

People are ALWAYS on my case about tap water and say that I should drink only bottled. I've been drinking tap all my life, and I'm not out all that money in bottled water. We're all dying one day anyway I'm just sick of hearing that tap is bad for you.

I've done water quality studies on Charlottesville Water before, and it's fine for human consumption. Thank you University of Virginia for forcing me to study hydrology, it came in useful
Well, I do use the water from the tap to dilute the Squash I drink. But on its own...I dont like the taste and obviously when I drink tea and coffee, the same water from the tap...but its boiled.

I actually often drink slimline Tonic Water...but bottled water is quite expense so obviously, I can spend much on it LOL
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