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I'm torn on the whole "born" vs. "choice".

How do we explain a person who is born a boy or girl but exhibits the "opposite" sex from the young age of a child before they've even gone through puberty or understand what "gay" is? How do we explain when a child is born one sex but literally has the "physical" attributes of the opposite sex? I know there are medical terms for this (being born with opposite organs), but I can't think of them right now.

On the other hand, I think it's simply "easier" for those in society who are awkward around the opposite sex to choose to be with the same sex in every way.

If there is something to some gays being born that way, especially if they are trying to live a Godly life in spite of their feelings, my heart breaks for them. For the other group, I see it as a total "choice" they've made against what God tells us is right.

But, either way, I agree with Crisco, you have to choose what means more to you, this temporary earthly life or your soul.
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