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Originally Posted by matthughesfan21
this is true, but in the case of this story I just told you, the scientist who recommended the sex change on the basis that you are a product of how you are raised, that man was a highly respected figure in the science to his rank, no one questioned his authority, and everyone jumped on the bandwagon despite the fact that the sex change was unsuccessful(mainly because he only published the good, which was only about 5% of the child's actual life)...The doctor who argued otherwise and studied the hypothalamus, was not well known in the community, and it took him years and years of displaying his findings for really anyone to take notice.....I agree with you that some scientists use their authority to say something without factual evidence, but just remember that goes for both sides of the spectrum
Ok am I totally lame today or what? Ok so this person was originally born a male, but was forced to be raised as a female??
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