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Originally Posted by NateR
Again, can they prove that that difference is genetic or a product of the person's environment?
The only theory they really have to prove it is gentic, because in the case of the early baby sexchange due to a botched circumcision..the now girl was less than a year old and raised as a female, they treated her as one and gave her all the things a normal girl would have, even throughout like the late elementary school age, she was unhappy and kept trying to tell her mother that she didnt feel like a normal girl, they started giving her estrogen pills right around the time of puberty, but nothing changed...This lasted well into her teenage years, the whole time very unhappy and starting to rebel against her female image...Finally around the time she was 15, her mother finally told her the truth because of how depressed she was, when she found out, she later turned herself back into a male through another sex change, but due to the screwed up childhood, he later killed himself
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