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I'll try to make this short....I actually joined the old MH forums over a year ago...anyway, my name is Kim, mik is my name backwards, and I was born in North Carolina, where apparently redneck jokes were born...yea ya get the idea...anyway....

Grew up on Marine Corp bases, which makes me 100% USDA-grade military brat, I love to shoot my BB Gun, ride and train horses, read, hang out on the beaches of my home state, bake, and watch MMA. My friend got me into MMA a few years ago, with, you guessed it, Matt Hughes, and now I'm training at a gym in Charlottesville, VA.

How did I end up there?

Well, went to UVA, hated it, then I got saved, joined a church, and ended up staying. And 3 jobs, 3 years, and a hop and a skip later, I'm still here, now pursuing a Master's degree in counseling, working full time, training MMA, walking my doggies, and riding horses when I can. I also plan to travel a ton this year. Msge me if ya wanna know anything else, but that covers it all. I look forward to meeting the newbies
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