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Originally Posted by NateR
This is just a sickening distortion of the truth. There is absolutely ZERO reliable scientific evidence to support the idea that homosexuals are born that way. However, in typical liberal fashion, when you have no facts to support your claim, then lie through your teeth and hope that the audience is stupid enough to believe you.
we actually watched a video in sociology class about the case of a botched circumcision at a young age which destroyed the young males genitalia, so they decided to attempt to transform him into a female based on saying the person you are is based on how you are raised...this led to many scientists doing experiments on the human brain, and once guy(Dr. Diamond) found that in the brains of males, the hypothalamus is slightly larger...They also spliced human brains of homosexuals and found that it was smaller than those of straight males...this wasn't done on just one or two brains either, it was compiled through hundreds of experiments, and the same results came on other animals as well....I still think they have control over being gay or not, but I am just trying to say there is some evidence out there, I'm not saying this evidence is set it stone, but I would say it is creditable to an extent, they did show the images of the spliced section of the hypothalamus, and the difference in size is pretty noticeable
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