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Originally Posted by Tyburn
it just annoys me Andreas, that all these Americans pooh-pooh the UN and speak as if the United States wasnt responsible primarily for its creation, or that they are a part of it.

Naturally, they are too busy saving the Universe
Dave, just because we helped to found it, set up it's structure, and be a member of the UN does NOT mean that we can't say that we think it isn't accomplishing what it was set up to do. The UN works in some cases and some it don't. It looks like we will have to pick up their slack.

Besides, if we weren't deferring to world issues to the UN then you would be pissin' & moanin' about that, too.

(Before you say "Well, you didn't listen to them before...", I say, "So, we broke out of form; doesn't mean that we have to continue to do it everytime.")
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