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Originally Posted by Buzzard
How will their marriage hurt you personally? Is it because you don't like it? If so, don't go. No one is saying you have to accept it, just like no one tells me that I have to believe in a God.I already explained how it affects me. Reread my post. It infringes on my right to religion by forcing me to accept via force of law. Since marriage i more then civil union it changes the laws. As a minister I could be sued for refusing to marry gays. It has already happened. Get your head out of the sand.

Christian business owners don't have to accept it either. They can choose not to accept it too. How do you figure it violates Christians constitutional rights if gays get married?Again I already answered this. A business owner would be forced to give insurance and such to gays even tho it violates their principals. This too has already happened in several states

Can you point to some news of the lawsuits against these churches please. I did a cursory search and didn't find any in the U.S.A.I will see if I cna get you a direct link. It is old (2008)so it may be archived

I believe that your shortsighted view is due to religious fanaticism. Read the constitution Buzzard Marriage is not a right. You must have learned civics from a football coach.

Again, how will it hurt you personally?Again I already showed you how.


Do you think discrimination is a good thing? No way. What constitutional rights are they being discriminated against? You are falling for propaganda and unfounded paranoia.
Answers above in red.
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