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Originally Posted by Chris F
It is not the event it is the ramification of the bond. Already several churches have been sued and lost because they refused to hold gay marriages. Also Christians business owners would be forced to accept a lifestyle choice that goes against their beliefs which violates their constitutional rights, while marriage is not a right. SO your lack of the facts has no doubt lead to your short sighted point of view.
How will their marriage hurt you personally? Is it because you don't like it? If so, don't go. No one is saying you have to accept it, just like no one tells me that I have to believe in a God.

Christian business owners don't have to accept it either. They can choose not to accept it too. How do you figure it violates Christians constitutional rights if gays get married?

Can you point to some news of the lawsuits against these churches please. I did a cursory search and didn't find any in the U.S.A.

I believe that your shortsighted view is due to religious fanaticism.

Again, how will it hurt you personally?


Do you think discrimination is a good thing?

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