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Originally Posted by NateR
None of us chose to be a part of the UN, Dave. That was a decision that was made before any of us were born. However, if you read the words of the Founding Fathers, the idea of the US entering any kind of alliance with Europe would have been a considerably dangerous one.

I personally happen to disagree with our place in the UN, I don't think the organization should exist at all.

I don't know the number of times the US has deferred to the UN and I really don't care. I just know that many Americans don't agree that we should be a part of it.

We're the greatest nation in the world, what do we need the UN for?
You basically created the United Nations to curb rougue nations that would act like Hitler did. Invade whoever they wanted, when they wanted, for their own personal gain. The United Nations is like a World Opinion Poll

You big dissagreement to it, is probably that it stops you doing whatever you want to do...but thats the whole idea. What gives The United States of America, the Right to act outside of her own soverignty without thought or regard for any other country

Europe was rebuilt by the Americans, and along with members of Old Europe the United States FOUNDED the United Nations...why do you think half the Security Council Members are World War Two Allied Nations Why do you think the United Nations Headquarter is in America These are cooincidences????
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