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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Not in England.

Because the State is connected to The Church by Endorsment of Anglicanism.

This means that in a Church of England marriage, no member of Law is needed to make the civil part of the contract happen. There is no need for a registrar, the Priests carry the legal authority to make a marriage a Civil Contract also.

This means they essentially arent any different then a court. Homosexuals dont want to be civil partnered in court...thats been open to them for AGES...nope...we are probably talking about the religious.

btw...the only real people to take it up in England were two homosexuals priests :laugh:
well, that is what i thought that is ... is gay marriages in court ... if it is essentially being forced on religions to also recognize and perform them, then I don't agree with it ... but if it is just saying that homosexuals can go in front of a court and judge and get married, i don't see the big deal ...
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