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Miss Foxy
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Originally Posted by Buzzard
Anything but. I find you obnoxious and semi-illiterate. I have a hard time with taking things you say seriously because if you still have no grasp of your language and how to spell, I question whether you have grasped other things that you have learned. You are not a true Englishman if you can't even use your own native tongue with proficiency in both the written and oral manner.

Frightened? You give yourself too much credit. Do you even know what I asked and in what context I asked the question? From your answer, you haven't the slightest clue. If you wish to engage in more conversation, do it in PM. I don't wish to offend the entire forum. I really don't care much if I offend you now.
I know Dave spells differently than some of us, but he isnt a bad guy at all. Give him a chance.
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