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Has anyone seen this on MTV, yet? A buddy told me about it yesterday and I went and watched the previous episodes online.

Mayhem Miller is the host and Big John is the referee.

The premise is that people that are being bullied by someone send in a video and Mayhem challenges the bully to a fight with an MMA guy for $10k. However, there's a bit of a catch and usually the bully takes home very little while still getting a beatdown.

The bully can win $5,000 a round. The first round is grappling only. However, the bully loses $1,000 everytime that he is forced to tap and the people that he's bullied gets the money. The second round is kickboxing only. If the bully can last 3 minutes with the MMA fighter, then he can win $5,000. But, if the fight gets stopped or he gets KO'ed, all of the money goes to the guys that he's bullied.

Anybody being bullied? Ha ha! Jake Shields is one of the fighters participating in the show. Michael Westbrook (former NFL receiver turned MMA fighter) was on the second episode.

Here's the link.
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