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Originally Posted by Chuck
I was a big GP fan as well... being that I lived in Seattle of course

Gary, Shawn Kemp the Reign Man, Mason, Kendell Gill, The X man... we had some talent for a few years that's for sure.

Dumb question... Do you get to watch NBA games live?
Right about the time of these players you and i have mentioned, (loved Shawn kemp by the way, Vin Baker!, Poor old Hill stuck at Detroit Pistons)

We used to get coverage of NBA on Channel 4 like a mainstream channel, used to be late but used to give highlights and also biopics, you know highlight reels of players who'd they would focus in on, one such week was Payton and got him ripping balls of the great MJ! It was great to see!

I mean i remember watching a couple of All star games, just when Tim Duncan and Garnett were Rookies.

For some reason it went and i havent checked but im sure we only get quick quick highlights of the games now.

Our Skysports (your ESPN i guess) gives brilliant coverage to NFL but it seems NBA isnt deemed as popular.

I guess lack of coverage and that i stopped playing when i left school meant i have sadly lost interest.

Saw the Knicks play at Madison Square, i hope that when im out in America i can make as many american sports games as is possible.

I really think if you get the right place, its a great way to see a certain culture. At the Garden,we were just lumped in with all the other tourists so wasn't all that great.
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