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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
Funny as it may be, he is still wrong on so many levels.

First level... I am not discrediting Lebron. Not at all. In fact, I said he has much more raw talent then Kobe. It's the on-court leadership quality that I said Kobe has the edge on. That comes with winning championships. How long it takes you to do it has NOTHING to do with it. Kobe helped lead a Lakers team to a Championship after only 4 seasons. It took Jordan 7 years. I could see Lebron doing it here in the next couple years. They are both in the same league, but I still think Kobe has that little extra under his belt compared to James in that category for right now.

I also never said that Jordan and Kobe had crappy teams around them when they won championships, but the point is JORDAN AND KOBE MADE THEIR TEAMMATES BETTER PLAYERS. Instead of trying to compare Shaquille O'neal to Zydrunas Ilgauskas, why not look at the fact that the Cavs have had some pretty decent people on their roster since James entered the league.
Ilgauskas is actually a 2 time all star, and they also had players like Larry Hughes, Donyell Marshall, and Drew Gooden. James led them to the finals, and they lost. Ben Wallace came in last season, and they made it to the Semi-finals, but they could not stop Boston.

Winning 65 games is great, but it dont mean crap if you fail in the playoffs. Ask my Phoenix Suns that. Still, Lebron IS awesome, and he could very well keep getting betting and better, only time will tell. This league is FULL of good competition right now, and it's no easy road for anybody.
I agree and disagree but I'm running late for meetings... I'll post later tonight!

Either way...

Jordan Rules... we can agree on that!!
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