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Originally Posted by Hughes_GOAT
Dan fought two matches in the UFC and has even said he was never a UFC fighter. he also fought in the Brazil Open before the UFC (two matches). Dan has as many fights in the UFC, now, as he did in RINGS. before his latest UFC fights, he had about 18 Pride fights to 2 UFC fights.

Wandi fought 3 times in the UFC over a year and a half period. he also fought in Pride and IVC during that time. in fact, he fought 3 times in Pride, same as UFC, but he did it in 4 months time, as opposed to about a year and a half in the UFC. before his latest UFC fights, Wandi has about 28 Pride fights and 3 UFC fights.

so i guess technically Wandi and Dan could be called UFC guys making it as a Pride champs because they fought there first, before Pride? but i won't ever buy it. they could also be called Brazil Open and BVF fighters over UFC fighters since they fought there first, before the UFC. it's where you fight the most, not where you started.

all the guys from the UFC who came to Pride, Pulver, Liddell, Coleman, Randleman, etc...all had many UFC fights. so they could be called UFC guys. 2 to 3 UFC fights doesn't make you a UFC guy in my opinion. especially if you have 18 to 28 more fights in another org.
O, I know that they're PRIDE fighters. I was just arguing semantics.
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