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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
It's plain and simple.

Kobe has 3 championship rings, that means more than anything in the NBA, and the Lakers would not have won them without Kobe. Sure, they had Shaq in his prime, but Kobe made that team what it was. Lebron plays on a team in the Eastern Conference, the competition is not nearly as good as it is in the West. When Lebron finally takes his career to the next level and wins a championship I think he has the potential to explode as hands down the best player in the NBA. Until then, he is still just another superstar.
its all well and good to throw out the 3 championships, but lebron hasn't been in the league nearly as long as kobe...and Kobe had a much better team around him than Lebron, hell MJ didn't win a championship until he got good players around him as well. Don't discredit lebron because he had to start his career with a bunch of second to third rate players...Just compare these two names for me Shaquille O'Neal/Zydrunas Ilgauskas....nuff said
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