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Originally Posted by Hughes_GOAT
i'd like to hear what Kelly Gregg has to say on this? why does he think he can beat Lesnar?
Because he used to be a wrestler. He was a 3-time state wrestling champion in Oklahoma when he was in high school, and a 1-time national champion in high school. And he's on crack so he's delusional.

Lesnar was by far the most feared HW wrestler his junior and senior when he was in college. Although he placed 2nd his junior year, he lost by 1 point due to escapes. Basically, his opponent, Stephen Neal, kept his distance as much as possible to avoid the power - good strategy.

Here's another article on Kelly calling out Lesnar:

After reading Mark Preston’s story in the Baltimore Sun last week about Kelly’s progress, I decided to check in on him, as I frequently do. An upbeat and confident Kelly answered the phone and gave me a positive report on his knee, his strength and his overall physical progress. He also said one more thing: “I want to fight Brock Lesnar,” the current UFC champ.

“That would be impossible as long as you’re under contract with the Ravens,” I replied.

“Well, that sucks because I know I can beat him,” he said.
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