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...and something for get out his flag and wave it again

OMG...Canterbury and his SILVER cope is TO DIE FOR...isnt that spectacular! and he has THE Queens doesnt he...LISTEN to that voice!!

IMHO the Amen was a little TOO slow! HEY...I know the Vestments that the Chapter are wearing all to well LOL (they are REALLY HEAVY, we would have to sort out the Vestments and regularly transport those that would be worn from the store, to the Vestry, The problem with that set is that they are two toned, but different, so the set comes with all of them different...Gold upper white lower, red upper white lower, red upper gold is a Chapter to determin who wears what and to make sure they look...alright walking next to each other hahahahaha....I think they would have looked better in the Blue/Silver set...but you know...I'm not sure they had that set at that point in time. The Churchill Copes were so much nicer...but that wouldnt really be fitting for a wedding would it...they were after all commissioned for Winstons funeral.

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