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Originally Posted by MattHughesRocks
It's 2009 and we finally have an African American president. If that's not a huge accomplishment I don't know what is. I'd hate to see what your going to act like once a woman becomes president
It's not as if HE was the one who accomplished it. WE voted and the majority chose HIM. It was an accomplishment of Americans (albeit, with the influence of the media) not Obama. I think it's awesome we have a [half] African-American for a President. I'd of been happy if Hilary Clinton would have won (well, not really), but throw the race factor out of the equation, I didn't make any statement about that until you opened it.

My point is, the man is treated like he's some sort of world savior, yet, even as a Senator of Illinois, what has he accomplished? What has he accomplished that warrants a movie about him? Don't you think it would make sense to have a movie about him after he actually does something?
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