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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
Well, i am sure when they ended segregation and slavery, most people were opposed to it also ... so don't get your point ...
Untrue, the Civil Rights movement was actually extremely popular at the time and was only heavily resisted in the southern states. Primarily by southern Democrats.

Plus, Civil Rights (like the Abolitionist Movement) was a largely Christian movement (Martin Luther King Jr. was a Reverend after all) and was supported by many churches in the north.

Finally, nobody can contest that blacks are a race that people are born into. Two black parents will produce black children, that's the way race works. However, we've had no accounts of two gay parents naturally producing gay offspring. Simply because gay parents can't naturally reproduce.

So, trying to compare Gay Rights to the Civil Rights movement is really just a distortion of the facts. A black person can't choose to not be black (Michael Jackson doesn't count), however homosexuals can be successfully rescued from that lifestyle. There are plenty of Christian organizations that do just that and are very successful at it.
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