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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
Marriage in a court is not a religious institution .. that is why i am okay with gay marriages ..... they can't force religions to marry gay couples, but if someone wants to get "married" in a court, in front of a JP, well there is no mention of God ... As for marriage being a Christian ceremony, you are wrong, there were plenty of people getting married and religions older than Christianity that have marriage as a ceremony, so don't know what you are talking about
Actually marriage was created by GOD, as documented in Genesis chapter 2. So it existed alongside the first two humans. While it does predate the founding of Christianity, the basic point that Chris F is trying to make is that the institution was created by the same GOD who is worshiped by the Christians and Jews. So, in that sense, any marriages performed that don't honor the only true GOD are illegitimate in the eyes of GOD.

I'm not sure if I agree with that completely, since the Bible seems to hold pagan marriages as equally binding compared to Jewish marriages (there are no accounts of Christian marriages in the Bible, that I am aware of). If there is a verse that someone knows about that suggests otherwise, then I'd be interested to read it.
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