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Originally Posted by NateR
Actually, I agree. In fact, if you read the Bible, then you will see that the very first "human institution" that GOD created was a marriage, not a church. A relationship, not a religion.
So, yes, technically it predates the religion of Christianity. However, since it was created by GOD to be a bond between a man and a woman, then it's not our place as humans to redefine that in any way.
Where you and I disagree is that marriage was created by a god. Even after having read the bible, I still don't believe in a god, nor a devil either.

The problem here is the idea of civil marriages that are carried about by a judge and completely free of any religious or spiritual establishment. Those never existed in ancient times.
I see no problem in that at all, though you are making an assumption that people getting married by a judge have no spirituality in their vows.

However, this is just the beginning. If gay marriage is legalized, then expect the polygamists in Utah to get permission to marry multiple spouses.
Why would I expect this?

Then the pedophiles will be fighting for the "right" to marry young children. After that, I guess we'll get people trying to marry animals.
Ah, the old tie trying to equate homosexuality to pedophilia and then to bestiality. You are comparing a relationship between consenting adults to a criminal relationship between an adult and a child where the child isn't lawfully allowed to consent, and to a relationship in which an adult forces himself upon an animal. How can you equate them? Just wondering.

Once you allow immorality to get a foot in the door, then it's just a matter of time before the entire house is torn down.
Immorality has a firm footing in the door in most heterosexual marriages and relationships IMO if you are going to base it on the term sodomy. Not saying that you are basing your opinions upon that word, but I'm almost sure that it is in there somewhere.

I don't see how allowing homosexual marriage would have any negative effects on my heterosexual marriage.
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