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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Ask yourself how it is in a country hit worse then any other western country in terms of financial hardship

how in two days the readers of a single national newspaper were able to give 77 Thousand in stirling to help some Soldier go to Normandy

AGAIN, this is a test of priorities...IF charities and the church giving is going down...dont blame Obama...blame the citizens who havent got their priorities right. IF Anything Barack has uncovered a problem with the citizens of America...that they are not willing to give when they dont get tax sorry but you shouldnt just be giving what you might legitamately owe the a church once in a while. SHAME on those who have not got their giving as a priority. Dont blame Obama because he's showing your nation to be greedy and not able to give without him giving you the money to do so!! tut, tut!
No. Before if you had an honorable intention and gave to charity then the government rewarded you with a tax break. NOW the government says they don't care even if you do the right thing, you are still paying them their cut.

AND...let's say you were going to give $10,000 to a charity. You could give the lump sum and move on. Now, you have to only give & $7,000 to charity and save the other $3,000* to pay taxes on it. So technically the government is now taking monies from the charities instead of giving. So Obama is not showing our nation to be greedy but our government.

*The taxes on charity money is probaly more than 30%. I just used that as an example.
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