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Originally Posted by Crisco
clarify that statement before I start typing any further please.
it very much depends WHICH section of Sharia he wants to implement, and WHO he wants to implement it on.

In England they only want to introduce the section that governs management of mariage and devorce, and its only to be governed ON Islamic people.

Now ive watched the video, and this Woman is talking about other sections of it honnestly depends what they want to implement and who they want to implement it on.

The problem is, that if ANY of it gets might be a bit like might morph and it might grow. so before you get all revolutionary, get scholarly in your learning, so you KNOW. There is one reason why Sharia can never be fully implemented in the Anglicanism...its a STATE SPONCERED RELIGIOUS would have to have Islam as your national religion, and then Sharia would pretty much be your rule book for everyday justice.

the part of Sharia you never want to unearth is the discipline surounding crime and punishment.
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