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This is pretty much what I wrote:

I'm sure ur getting alot of flack from ppl about ur comments about Dana's comments and rightfully so. I'm not sure how much u research the sport of MMA or how much u actually know. Alot of fans are tired of Dana's attitude and antics,but most are here to watch the sport of MMA. As long as Dana is putting on fights and shows that fans are coming out in droves to see nothing will change. I do agree that the owners of the UFC are more at fault than Dana's as they have the power to curb his tirades. However; as long as those tirades are on his personal blog theres not much u or anyone can do about it. Now if he was doing that stuff on CBS or ESPN I'm sure it would'nt be tolerated at all.

The only and main issue I have with ur article is calling the fans 'garbage' which is as unprofessional as what Dana says sometimes. So, to me ur being a little hypocritical in that sence. Every sport has fans that are 'thin-skinned' as u say so its nothing new to hear this backlash. I think every sport has their fans that defend it,support it no matter the bad issues,then theres loyal fans that support it,but understand the issues of that sport. No sport;no college,no pro,and no high school sport is a clean sport with 100% obediant fans. All sports have its hooligans of fans or unobediant followers. I know MMA is the new sport on the block and its taking its lumps and it does'nt help with wannabe fans and Dana's tirades(again his personal blog).

Just in future do some research on the sport its fighters and u will find a varitey of backrounds and desires of fighters and what they want. You'll find alot of the fighters and fans good ppl who like the sport but yet can detach themselves from its aura everyday they goto work or sit down with the family. There will always be fans that are unforgiving in either a good or bad way,but you will find that in all sports as u should know. Take time and do some interviews with a variety of fighters,fans,and heck maybe get an interview with Dana and see what he really makes him tick. Last thing as much as Dana has a vulgar mouth he runs the UFC pretty darn good and thats better than how EliteXc/Pride and other organizations have been ran.
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