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Originally Posted by Oddtodd76
Guess I am not made of money like you! HAHAHA
fourwheelers, snowmobiles, etc...

Heck! I am just happy to have the heat on!
LOL , made of money HA HA HA . Actually , i had to sell the four wheeler earlier this year to pay the note off . Boones Yamaha you see hooked to the sleigh was thrown in on a old willys jeep i bought to sell on ebay . It didnt run and we got it going for him. My snowmobile , the black arctic cat was included in a deal from about 5 years ago , I actually was buying ALOT of snowmobiles , fixing them and selling them to get through the winter months. Well i bought a pair of them froma guy in decatur " Mine being one of them" for 1000 dollars , sold one for 1800 on ebay and kept the other one , then last january during the first big snowfall a fella hit it and the insurance cut me a check for 1800 for the damages , so that thing has done nothing but make me money lol . And can now be creditited to getting me through 2 winters now , concrete work is SLOWWW in january lol.

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