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Guess I am not made of money like you! HAHAHA
fourwheelers, snowmobiles, etc...

Heck! I am just happy to have the heat on!

Originally Posted by Mac
You dont own an Arctic cat do you ?

Sorry its kinda blury lol i was trying it with one hand ha ha ha. Ill get some better ones tomorow ,

And here is a short one of Boone on his yamaha 340 enticer , we actually have whats called a " Ski-Boose" that goes on behind his to pull the kids around , it is a sleigh made by skidoo back in the 70's , if the snow sticks around till saturday i PROMISE i will have a video of me OR NATER riding in said Ski-Boose lol.

THe SKi Boose ha ha ha and some of the other sleds.

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