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Originally Posted by kyle
Elway is pretty upset about how the organization delt with this. The best thing for the organization is for Pat Bowen to sell it before he turns into Al Davis. Mcdummy was a puppet in Billacheats system so time will only tell how good he is and how good of a decission this really was.
Elway is a hero in CO, but he doesn't have a leg to stand on with this. He REFUSED to play for the Colts when they drafted him.

So are you now jumping ship? You obviously don't like the decision if you want Bowlen to sell the franchise and your Mcdummy comments.

What I want is to hear the truth from Cutler, all is talk has come through his agent Cook who stated Jay demands a trade. The first time we really seemed to hear from Cutler was at UFN and Jay Glazer interviewed him and Cutler said he didn't want to be traded. So who is lying, Jay or Cook?

In any case it is over and the Broncos and fans will move on without Cutler. It will likely be a rebuilding year, which can be expected with a young team and new coach. If they hit 8-8 this year I think that will be a good season.
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