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Though I don't agree with calling the fans of any sport 'garbage' is not very professional I do agree with the dana part sortof..All sports has their low-level scumbag fans and all have their loyal who know more than any sportscasters as well.
Dana does need to tone it down abit if he wants the sport(okay just his UFC) to be recognized and respected. He can't go on his rants(though funny sometimes) all the time he needs to pick and choose when to do them. For this I also blame the owners they could easily put a crack down on Dana,but seem to like the 'boxing promotions' attitude.
Sportscasters need to watch the sport more often before making accusations like that. Maybe CBS needs to take a page from ESPN,and have casters who enjoy the sport cover the sport. Don't cover the sport just because its the 'new thing' to do.
In the end its upto Dana/UFC to represent MMA as a mainstream sport and not some backyard brawls..They have to be more professional in presenting the sport(do good most of the time) and promote their fighters(champs or no champs some guys are just easily promotable). Shy away from bashing other promoters,fighters,and reporters take a step above and beyond it. Treat the fighters right,ask them to do charity work,and do the same as a company it will help in the long run.
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