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Default Some Nightwish

You will find that two of these three are Instrumentals. Often they are better then the song with vocals

The first half of P&P played on the piano. The guy is very gifted indeed, because this is not an easy one to play...infact I wasnt sure it could really be done just on a piano. The music is dark, and reflects a scenario that takes place in the mind of a musician, not unlike the one mentioned by Poe. In his minds eye "the poet" dies strapped to a table with a decending blade swinging back and forth, but unsure of whether he might drown by the rising tide first.

Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan

This track is a cross between a blessing and a prayer. Its about turning to the Lord, and fulfilling ones true potential

Medows of Heaven.

perhaps my all time favourite Nightwish track. This is a difficult track to summerize, its about those little things in life that make it what it is, and what life becomes without those little things. It reminds me of my First United States it kinda reminds me of America and of some of the people on here that I met, like Nathan, and Boomer, and Matt Hughes
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