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Originally Posted by deuce13
I'm a Broncos fan and you can have Cutler....we will be better off without him in the long term. Thanks for Orton and the draft picks, now we can get a defense!

Well I'm a Broncos fan and I have been for almost 30 yrs. The only reason why I chose to be station in FT. Carson was b/c of the broncos. The bears are my #2 team since im from Illinois. But I will tell you what I go to a couple games a year out hear and I think they screwed up on this one. Both sides acted immature but the broncos being better without him is??? yeah they got 2 draft picks in the first this yr and next yr. Some speculate out hear that they may trade those away so they can draft one of the QB's this yr and if not this yr maybe next yr there is a better QB class coming out. So if they decide to go real high in the draft for a QB is that good for the broncs?..maybe or maybe not have you ever heard of Tim Couch or Ryan Leaf they are draft bust. So having these pics doesnt guarantee anything. Elway is pretty upset about how the organization delt with this. The best thing for the organization is for Pat Bowen to sell it before he turns into Al Davis. Mcdummy was a puppet in Billacheats system so time will only tell how good he is and how good of a decission this really was.

All I know is what Cutler was missing on offense in Denver was a RB, and now he has one. He will be reunited with his top WR his senior at Vandy and thats Earl Bennett.(he didn't have a good rookie campaign) They need to still pick up some quality WR and Olsen the TE will love Cutler b/c he likes throwing to TE's. Jay is also reunited with his college OT Chris Williams Who the Bears drafted last yr too. I'm going out on a limb now and saying they will win the NFC North. The vikings will probably give them a tough shot but they dont have a QB. The packers lost some players this yr and Aaron Rogers is inconsistent but he may do better in his 2nd starting yr. and the Lions well thats all I'm going to say about them.

longterm winners=the bears and the broncos (the bears are both b/c Jay is young and can play 12 yrs with DA BEARS)
shortterm winners= the bears
Thats just my .02
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