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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker

Transportation officials in Texas are scrambling to prevent hackers from changing messages on digital road signs after one sign in Austin was altered to read, "Zombies Ahead."

Chris Lippincott, director of media relations for the Texas Department of Transportation, confirmed that a portable traffic sign at Lamar Boulevard and West 15th Street, near the University of Texas at Austin, was hacked into during the early hours of Jan. 19.

"It was clever, kind of cute, but not what it was intended for," said Lippincott, who saw the sign during his morning commute. "Those signs are deployed for a reason to improve traffic conditions, let folks know there's a road closure."

"It's sort of amusing, but not at all helpful," he told,2933,484326,00.html

Gotta have fun somehow!!

You're a goofball, you know that? I ever tell you about one of my cousins who was working for the road crew in Georgia? He was the guy sitting on the tailgate of the pickup as it drove down the road putting out the orange cones to close one lane of traffic off. Well evidently he fell off. When the driver didn't see him anymore he backed up to check on him.....and ran him over. He survived unharmed. Of course that was the 3rd time he'd been run over in his life. He isn't all there.


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