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Originally Posted by NateR
The White House's nominee for State Department Legal Advisor, Harold Ko, has a history of supporting Muslim Sharia Law and wouldn't have a problem incorporating these laws into the American legal system.

So under Muslim Sharia Law we could forget about:
freedom of speech
freedom of religion
freedom of the press
equal rights for women
women's right to vote
women ability to drive a car

Husbands are also allowed to beat and even kill their wives and children under Sharia Law. Women are not allowed to walk in front of or alongside a man, they must always walk behind. Women also cannot speak to a man unless spoken to, eat at the same table as a man, and must always cover their faces and entire bodies while in public.

Yeah, we really want a guy who sympathetic to these laws in the White House as a legal advisor. Have the liberals completely lost their minds?
People wanted change and now they might get it.

I would hope and pray to God this doesn't happen. Hello Civil War part 2. This would not only be slap to our rights now, but also to the brave women and men who fought for women's rights back in the day. The feminsts of the older days would be rolling in their graves if they read this.

I'm going to have to work on getting a passport and hello Canada. I wouldn't mind Texas, but my family as a whole wouldn't mesh there.
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