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Originally Posted by Vizion
Tho Cole Miller tapped Junie, I thought Junie had some good takedowns. However, I don't think he's ready for the UFC.

I agree, I think the phrase is "not ready for primetime" I don't think he is a horrible fighter but I don't think he has earned a spot on the main stage yet either. Truly, how many guys in the lightweight division deserve a shot before Junie? And there are a ton of WEC lightweights that should get a big-boy UFC contract before a loud-mouth, alcohol-challenged, punk like Brownie.

Bradwright, I agree, Dana says he wants mainstream acceptance but then showcases a guy on Ultimate Fight Night that needs alcohol counseling and anger-management classes, and should have been kicked off TUF 2 or 3 times, what kind of message does that really send? I understand the drama and want for ratings on TUF but when it comes to PPV and Fight Night shows, and as satisfying as it was to watch Cole tap him inside of 2 minutes, personally I want to see better, deserving fighters, than guys like Junie.
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