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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Erm...opening talks with Iran...thats an accomplishment not managed by several of his predeccessors..Historically I dont think its happened since 1970s...Bush wanted to...but didnt get very far.

Erm...on the Guantanamo thing...people are already moving on this...England went mad at some European Countries saying that they should have some space...and in the United States there has been talk about...Alcatraz being a suitable site for a prison specifically for Guantanamo lifers...THATS not just talk...thats pretty much more then the amount of action you would expect in a week

and how is Appointing New Envoys all talk and no action? they've already started, we know this because Tony Blair is still out there, and now has to work with/under them...He's spoken about that already.

Its only the first week...what do you expect...Miracles
That's my point, I don't expect miracles. I just wish the press would stop singing his praises every time he draws a breath.
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