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Default Sharia Law in the United States?

The White House's nominee for State Department Legal Advisor, Harold Ko, has a history of supporting Muslim Sharia Law and wouldn't have a problem incorporating these laws into the American legal system.

So under Muslim Sharia Law we could forget about:
freedom of speech
freedom of religion
freedom of the press
equal rights for women
women's right to vote
women ability to drive a car

Husbands are also allowed to beat and even kill their wives and children under Sharia Law. Women are not allowed to walk in front of or alongside a man, they must always walk behind. Women also cannot speak to a man unless spoken to, eat at the same table as a man, and must always cover their faces and entire bodies while in public.

Yeah, we really want a guy who sympathetic to these laws in the White House as a legal advisor. Have the liberals completely lost their minds?
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