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Originally Posted by NateR
So exactly what good has Obama done? I watch the news everyday and I'm still seeing nothing but a lot of talk and promises. Promises are easy to make, but keeping them is a totally different matter. I understand these things take time and I'm not trying to be critical, but I'm just sick of people talking about Obama like he pisses rays of golden sunshine.

It's still yet to be determined whether President Obama is an idealogue or a pragmatist. For sake of the United States, I hope he is a pragmatist; but if he's just an ideologue, then he's not going to do any good for anybody.
Yeah...but I'm sick of you NOT giving him a chance. You want to blame him for some suicidal nutjob that offed his family coz he lost his job, on the fact Obama has made a few speeches saying that its hard times???????

I'll tell you what he's done in his first week. He's closing down Guantanamo, in accordance with both International Law and the Law of The United States...he's also appointed new Envoys to the Middle-east, and he's opened DIRECT talks with Iran....and He's frozen the pay of the Congress ministers until he can irradicate sleaze, and to bring them inline with the rest of the workers in this world.

Sounds like he's done good so far.
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