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Originally Posted by NateR
A part of me wants to blame this on President Obama's economic fear-mongering. Telling everyone that we're in dire straits, we're entering another Great Depression, and it's only going to get worse from here. What happened to all that optimism before the election?

So, now all these spoiled brats who have never had to do without anything their whole life are panicking at the first sign of suffering and taking the coward's way out.
Part of me wonders why this happens in America, when I've yet to hear of any major businesses going bankrupt. Like Obama has done anything in the past week that could possibly be the cause of all this

Look at whats happened in England, in the past three months Woolworths has fallen, Zavvy has fallen, Barrats has fallen, Mothercare has fallen, Marks and Sparks have laid people off....there are somewhere in the region of 50K unemployed in those businesses many of them have killed their family and themselves because of it?

It may not be a "Great Depression" for YOU
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