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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Its like this

when your a visitor in our country, you follow our rules. Its about being polite, manners cost nothing. You might think there is more to life then complaining about an act of rudeness...but its not much to ask of the Presidents Wife...

If you had the Prime Minister in your country, and he did something would you feel? How would you then feel if people in England were like "well its only a constitution, its not even that old, there is far more to complain about then a brit breaking the constitution on a visit to the United States"

There are all kinds of rules, that they will have been briefed on. Michelle would have been told not to inappropriately touch the Queen. Its not like she didnt know, or wasnt told. She probably forgot, and probably didnt really think it important.

There are other rules...rules I had to learn when working at Saint Paul's Cathedral, about not turning your back to certain people. I remember once when I forgot, I had just led in London for a Friday Eucharist, and we bowed infront of the Altar, then we were supposed to bow to each other...He bowed to me, but I walked he Bowed to my back

He actually asked the Canon Precentor if he had done something to offend me, because what I did by turning away was unspeakably rude, and, uncommon for me.

I'd just forgotten...and I went and appologised after the service of course
Don't get me wrong Dave....I completely understand the difference in cultures, and I understand that the Obama's would have been briefed on what is proper and what is not....

However, your comparison of touching the queen "inappropriately" to violating the constitution of the United States is not only hypothetical, but it's also apples and oranges.

We are talking about politely putting a hand on someones back. Not a drunken "yee haw" hillbilly slap on the back. More than anything, it was probably a natural reaction from Mrs. Obama. I realize that it is a different culture, but I still don't think that it was anything intentional or anything to get riled about.
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