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Originally Posted by Tyburn
No. You arent supposed to touch the Queen. She is the "embodiment of the Country"

You dont speak to her unless she starts a conversation. You dont touch her unless she offers you her hand. when in her presence, you dont turn your back on her, (when you want to leave, either follow or walk next to her...or walk backwards away from her) and when greeting her, you must bow.

She wears gloves most of the time so she cant be touched. its probably about old Purity Laws...but she is a very important person, like a living relic, she must be treated with a certain amount of reverence She Personifies more then One Thousand Years of Monarchy, She represents a Nation which has rulled over a third of the World with an Empire. That is what you are Addressing...your not just approaching a person...your approaching "The Crown" thats the whole legacy of this country, back to the Romans.

So...we ask for a little respect hahahaha
she is a damm Kraut! ha ha
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